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Need a new computer? We would love to help. We have a large selection of refurbished Apple and PC products ready for you. 

Please stop by to experience different Mac computers at our showroom or for free consultation with no obligation and talk to one of our solution specialist 

Your one stop shop for all of your tech and computer needs. We specialize in refurbished Apple products as well as PC Laptops, accessories, and peripherals. As technical creative professionals we understand the needs of musicians, film editors, graphic designers, photographers, and general users. We will be able to help you fill your needs without breaking the bank.

We take a personal interest in our clients needs. We are always here to help you even after you purchase your computer. Years down the road if you feel like you need more speed or storage space we will be available to fill your needs. We can work with you to as your needs change and as you become a more efficient computer user. As technology changes we will make sure your always up to date so you can keep up with a faster moving world. 


Why buy a brand new computer when a refurbished one will suit your needs just as well? Aside from being easy on your wallet  they are also easy on the earth. With the growing amount of electronic waste on the planet we have to do our part to break the cycle. As technology progresses we realize that newer no longer means better. Most users can get all of the benefits of a new computer on one that is a few years old. We will however work with you to special order a brand new computer if it is what you really want and need. 


Every computer that we sell gets the same love and care as our clients. Each machine is tested thoroughly by well trained Apple and PC professionals. Hardware and software is checked and rechecked to ensure a smooth transition to your new computer. Our extensive warranty programs give you the added peace of mind of knowing that if something does go wrong we will be here to help. Our customers will also receive discounts and special offers on future upgrades to keep you ahead of the times. 

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