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If you are in the market for a new computer you probably have an old one that you won't need anymore. Not only can we help recycle your old machine we can also assist you with data transfer to your new machine. We can also make sure your data is securely removed from your old machine after you are satisfied that everything has transferred correctly. We may even be able to give your some credit towards your new computer.

Your old computer may not be worth much to you but through our charity programs it could be worth a lot to someone less fortunate. Giving the gift of information to someone is one of the best gifts you can give. It allows someone to access knowledge that wasn't available to them before and can help them advance their future and in turn the future of the world. 

If your computer is no longer functional it can be used for parts to lengthen the life of another computer. If we can not find a another computer to put the parts in we will make sure it is recycled responsibly so that it doesn't do damage to our environment. 

Please stop by at our showroom for an instant evaluation of your computers or selling/trading-up for a new or refurbished computers 

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