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Terms and Conditions

Love Haight Computers "V-Care" Warranty

Love Haight Computers “V-Care” Warranty any hardware issue that is not caused by customer use. 


These issues include but are not limited to (If applicable): 

-Logic board and logic board components

-Display (Unless sold as-is) 


-Wireless Card 

-DVD player




-Ethernet Port

-USB Ports 

-Firewire Ports

-Audio Jack (Line in and Line Out) 

-Display Port 

-SD Card Reader 


-DC In Board 





-Hard Drive


*Not all parts listed above apply to every single computer.  


Love Haight Computers Warranty does NOT cover: 

-Accidental damage

-Liquid Damage

-Humidity Damage

-Environmental Damage (Excess Dust, Dirt, Bugs) 

-Data Loss

-Data Corruption

-Software Issues 

-Virus/ Spyware/ Malware/ Adware

-Forgotten Passwords 

-Firmware locked logic boards

-PIN locked logic boards 


In the event of data loss, data corruption, software issues, forgotten passwords, or other software related issues Love Haight Computers provides a free, one time, wipe/ reinstallation of the original operating system installed at the time purchase. 


If the computer comes back a second (or more) times, the operating system can be re-installed for a fee of $79. 


In the event of Virus/ Spyware/ Malware/ Adware Love Haight Computer provides a free, one time, Virus/ Spyware/ Malware/ Adware removal/ cleanup. 


If the computer comes back a second (or more) times, the Virus/ Spyware/ Malware/ Adware can be removed/ cleaned for a fee of $99 for Mac and $149 for PC. 


Any evidence of accidental damage, liquid damage, humidity damage, environmental damage, firmware locked logic boards, or PIN locked logic boards will VOID Love Haight Computers Warranty and computers are subject to standard pricing for all repairs needed. 


Computers covered under Love Haight Computers warranty qualify for free diagnostics and rush (first-in-line) service. 


Within 1 year customers have the option to extend the warranty for up to 3 years unless otherwise specified at the time of purchase. The price of the extended warranty can vary from computer to computer. 


Computers purchased from Love Haight Computers (both in warranty and out of warranty) may qualify for discounted upgrades at the owner’s discretion. 


Computers no longer covered by Love Haight Computers warranty may also qualify for discounted repairs at the owner’s discretion. 


In the event that a computer covered by Love Haight Computers warranty is unrepairable the machine may be replaced at the owner’s discretion. 


Upgrades performed after the time of purchase are covered by only a 90 day warranty unless otherwise specified. 

Love Haight Computers "Refurbished Equipment" Information 

Love Haight Computers’ definition of “Refurbished” refers to any used computer, accessory, or electronic device that has undergone our refurbishment process. 


Our refurbishment process includes the following: 


- Initial assessment and diagnostics 


- Once an assessment is completed we replace any hardware parts that are malfunctioning or do not meet the required quality control standards. 


-Regardless of whether or not the computer is in need of replacement parts, the computer is then opened to check for any internal damage such as liquid damage, missing screws, broken mounts, aftermarket parts, or any other defects. 


-All machines are then thoroughly cleaned inside and the thermal systems are inspected to ensure proper cooling. 


-When replacing parts such as memory or hard drive we standardize computers to the original specifications provided by Apple when the computer was originally sold unless we feel that the original specifications are too outdated to perform well under current usage demands. 


-Used/ Refurbished parts that have met quality control standards are used to replace broken or malfunctioning parts unless used/ refurbished parts are not available in which case new parts may be used. 


-Love Haight Computers does not repair or replace anything that is related to the cosmetic condition of the computer unless the cosmetic damage affects the usage of the computer such as opening and closing (i.e. hinge issues). Computers are sold “AS IS” regarding cosmetic condition. These “AS IS” issues are not covered by our warranty.


-Display defects do not always call for the replacement of the display. Displays are graded as a separate component. In the event that the display is considered “unacceptable” for use it will be replaced using the same used/ refurbished standards listed above. Computers with “acceptable” display issues are priced according to the defects and also sold “AS IS”. These “AS IS” issues are not covered by our warranty. 


- After all hardware is functioning properly we install software suitable to the age of the computer and the installed hardware. 


- Once software is installed all computers undergo our 40 point inspection that covers everything from model specifications to the functionality of every single component. Love Haight Computers also uses proprietary diagnostics software to test every component including sensors, fan speeds, graphics performance, hard drive performance, and more. 


-All computers are then thoroughly externally cleaned, inspected, graded, and priced for resale. 


-All computers refurbished through the above process are covered by a 1 year warranty


-Any upgrades performed at the time of purchase are also covered under the 1 year warranty. 

-In certain cases new parts may be pulled from brand new computers. These parts are still considered brand new and may be sold as so. 

iPhone Repair Disclaimer

Please note that complications may arise from opening a broken iPhone for repair. Some of these complications may include: 


-Device not powering on

-Dark display or no backlight on display

-Additional hardware issues 

-Loss of data 

-iOS corruption 


Although your broken iPhone may appear to be functioning correctly it is possible that the above complications may present themselves after attempting to repair the phone. Broken electronic devices are incredibly sensitive and opening a broken device is risky. These complications become present in less than 1% than repairs performed but we feel that it is important for our customers to know before we attempt any repairs. 


Love Haight Computers is not responsible for any further damage that may be caused by attempted repair. 



We recommend that all devices are properly and reliably backed up before starting the repair process. If you do not have a current backup we recommend returning for repair after the current backup is completed. If you are in need of assistance with backing up your device we offer a backup service for $79. Please note that there are certain circumstances that make it impossible for us to perform a backup. There are also certain circumstances that may cause the cost of backup to increase because of iCloud, authorization, and connectivity issues.  


Love Haight Computers is not responsible for loss, breach, or corruption of data.  


There is a $50 diagnostics fee that applies to all iPhones checked in for repair. This fee gets applied to any repair needed. You would only pay the diagnostics fee in the event that the phone was non-repairable or if we discover additional issues resulting in you declining the repairs and/or services. 


At the time that the iPhone is dropped off for repair we will provide an estimate cost of repair based on the information provided. If during the repair process we discover additional issues or parts that need to be replaced we will inform you of the changes in cost before proceeding with the additional repairs. 


iPhone repairs are performed on a first come, first serve basis. Typical iPhone repair turn-around time is between 1-2 hours although some circumstances may cause the repair process to take longer. We will do our best to give you an estimated repair time at the time of drop off. Please understand that we are doing everything we can to return your device to you in a timely manor. 


You will be required to provide access to the device either by providing or removing the password and/or pin code lock. We need access to the phone to check functionality after the repairs are complete. If you are unwilling or unable to provide access to the device we will not be able to perform our post repair diagnostics and the device will be returned to you unchecked. 


All iPhone repairs carry a 90 day warranty on parts and repairs performed only. Any physical or liquid damage will void the warranty. Any attempt to open or tamper with the device after the completed repair will void the warranty. 

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